kids never stop running, jumping, falling down & growing up. MiniMe’s designs are created with this simple fact in mind. our range is edgy, modern, comfortable & durable.

After struggling to find unique, casual streetwear for her kids; mother of three, Katrina Maggio, decided to design a range of children’s clothing inspired by her own MiniMe’s.

The MiniMe range is designed to be comfortable & hardwearing whist drawing style inspiration from the more ‘grown-up’ urban culture.

We’re talking about a range of threads that make sure your MiniMe shines in the modern concrete jungle, but that can handle all the running, jumping, climbing & falling that goes hand in hand with growing up.

Katrina’s energetic team of MiniMe’s oversee the thorough ‘street testing’ of every design that she creates.

These kids are professional: with mini arms, mini legs & massive energy – they know how to put each design through its paces, testing out every playground tactic & muddy puddle before it gets a wash & two thumbs up!

MiniMe is committed to making funky, comfortable & durable kids clothes that won’t break the bank.

Just because they’re mini in size, MiniMe’s shouldn’t have to compromise on looking large in ‘cool’.