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Jungle Wall Stickers

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Our Premium Wall Stickers are designed to make it easy for you to transform any room into a creative place for your Mini Me.

All of our Wall Stickers are all made of quality PVC and are self-adhesive.

Simply apply the sticker to the wall by peeling off the backing sheet and gently wipe over the sticker with a dry soft cloth to ensure that you remove any air bubbles. Make sure that the surface on which it is stuck is smooth and even.

Note: Wall must not be textured ie. Rough concrete, rendered or brick wall. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

If the wall has recently been painted ensure the wall has dried for at least 6 weeks.

This pack consists of 6 animals plus greenery and clouds. All stickers are separate so you can individually place them and create your own design. The measurement of these animals are as below:

Zebra 390mm x 270mm
Lion 240mm x 180mm
Monkey 200mm x 200mm
Elephant 270mm x 260mm
Rhinoceros 270mm x 250mm
Giraffe 370mm x180mm

Matte finish
No borders
Can easily be repositioned