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Mini Me & Co AU

Shopping Trolley Cover

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Mini Me & Co Trolley Covers are perfect for protecting your Mini Me from germs & bacteria. They are premium covers with thick padded material for extra comfort, a high back & extended fabric sides for added protection with its own buckle to ensure that your little ones are safe at all times. 

They are machine washable for easy cleaning and fold into a bag which also makes it easy to transport. 

We have ensured that these are carefully designed to have a space for a phone where your child is able to watch a show whilst you shop, keeping them entertained (no more broken screens!). There is also a space for 3 hanging toys where they attach to the cover to prevent them from falling on the floor.

With a zipper pocket at the front, it is the perfect space to put your wallet, keys or kids snacks whilst you shop whilst having them easily accessible.  They are a universal fit to ensure that they will fit all trolleys and have wide leg holes to ensure the comfort of your Mini Me.